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My work about the films of or with Clint Eastwood, the American director, producer and actor, tries to reveal and to (re)construct the system of expression created by his films, a system of assumptions, of suppositions, of preoccupations and of references.

Eastwood’s name is associated with the western and the loner hero of the Far West. The loner hero is at the origins of his international career and his cinematographic persona, his image. By analyzing the characters played by Eastwood and their spatial and temporal frames, I propose to approach the loner hero and his various cinematographic, social and cultural backgrounds.

I intend to describe and to examine the fields of signification Eastwood refers to and within which he creates his own visions and fixes his personal criteria for interpretation.

Andrea Grunert: Publications

"Lost frontiers: Clint Eastwood und der amerikanische Traum" Filmforum

"Mythologie contemporaine: réflexions ’Epreuve de force (de Clint Eastwood)" CRMC"Mythologie contemporaine: réflexions sur L’Epreuve de force (de Clint Eastwood)" CRMC

La Kermesse de l’Ouest ou la victoire de l’ordre" CRMC

"Représentations de la sexualité dans Tightrope" Cycnos

"Attitudes schizophrènes (Heartbreak Ridge)" La Licorne

"Gestures of Commemoration and Visions of Violence in Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven" Studies in the Western

"Der Clint Eastwood Western: Von der Aktualität traditioneller Modelle" Studies in the Western

"Eastwood, un auteur-héros à contre-jour (Le Retour de l'inspecteur Harry)" Contrebande